The Tuqay is news cooperative. We want to push creators to seek out the human element in their environment and describe it in the way they feel best displays the story. The Tuqay is not driven by advertising, but by curiosity. It is both a marquee for good storytelling and a laboratory for new forms and methods of the craft.

Following our namesake, Abdullah Tuqay, we hope to be serial and itinerant as we seek out our stories. We hope to give people a platform to tell the stories they aim to share. In return, we ask that they use the opportunity to tell an interesting story, creatively.

The Tuqay begins focused – if that’s the right word – on a broad arc running from Istanbul through the Caucasus to Kazan, before cutting down past the Ferghana towards Jaipur. We are pleased, though, to consider stories from the Balkans, Iran, or emigrants from our region. From this focus we hope to take the best, most fascinating stories and put them into print and motion.

About the Editor

Abdullah Tuqay has been dead for a while. The editor of this site is not him and does not have a whole lot in common with him. To remain pseudonymous is to both give due respect to the elders -  Tuqay, Hikmet, Ikbal, etc. – and to keep the focus on the authors and artists who are creating content. They are doing the hard work and they deserve the credit. Of course, this policy is subject to change.

About the Look

The logo and branding is by Ehsaan Mesghali. The website is designed by Asher Kohn.

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