The Tuqay is a continuation of the cayhanes and kutubkhanas that Gabdullah Tuqay himself was familiar with. Thsi website is not inspired by the newssites and blog aggregators that gin up SEO’d headlines and click-through stories in order to drive pageviews and advertising, it is instead intended to bring the lives and colours of an oft-otherized region into sharper focus.

We want to tell good, interesting, stories that will be educational for readers. We want to give our audience a greater understanding of the people who make decisions big and small, showing the audience how the individuals and their choices interact on a global level.

While the Tuqay respects Foreign Policy, the At War blog, and their ilk, we have no intention of following in their footsteps and reiterating their stories. You will never find the words “they” or “us” on these pages un-hemmed by scare quotes. We shall look for understanding instead, forming our own narratives instead of re-heating canned talking points. It is our hope that the long-and-slow pace of this website will allow the formulations greater accuracy and more elegance then frenetic slideshow creation could allow.

But it is not all about the audience. The writers, photographers, and artists featured in these pages are our greatest concern. We hope to give these people an opportunity to explore the region and tell the stories that fascinate them and they hope will fascinate others. By giving them the opportunity to be creative and to pursue a subject of interest (and not of editorial demand), we aim to give both audience and author a novel work that touches on familiar places or themes.

We are trying something new while respecting the centuries of tradition that brought us to this point. We hope you come along.