We want to tell character-driven and story-focused tales of the people who live in the region, the lives they live, and how they interact with their environments. This is not about the opportunity to gawk at the strange lives of others and the horrors they encounter, but to share stories through a journalistic medium about the people who are making an impact in their own lives and their own communities.

It is very much a goal of this website to tell as wide a variety of stories through as broad a mixture of media as possible. We recognize the Universal Internet Standard of the 800-word essay, and we embrace such with both hands and a full heart. However, we also welcome photoessays, video, and other graphic means of expository. We welcome fiction, poems, academic prose, well-reasoned takedowns, or anything else one would like to pitch. The importance is the impact.

We want to tell the tales of people who make a difference. Or perhaps even those who don’t. The target set for our authors is a region-specific version of Monocle, The Atlantic, or the like. Or perhaps an interstitial place between Chapati Mystery and Jadaliyya. The goal is to create something on-topic, unique, and interesting. If you have a story you believe fits those criteria, please pitch it to stories [at] the tuqay.com