The Tuqay begins focused – if that’s the right word – on a broad arc running from Istanbul through the Caucasus to Kazan, before cutting down past the Ferghana towards Jaipur. We are pleased, though, to consider stories from the Balkans, Iran, or emigrants from our region.

There is not quire the right word for the spaces in between, least of all the phrase “the spaces in between.” The areas coloured by this broad arc I’ve drawn on the map share little with each other outside of this blog. There is some shared history and occasionally similar geography, but that is about it. However, they’re beautiful, interesting, countries full of people whose stories deserve to be told for their own sake.

Long before the current lines were drawn on the map and for long after those lines are scattered, the cross-boundary and interrelated processes of the people under the Tuqay’s purview are worthy of being told. Not because it matters to the United States, not because they have immigrant family in Germany or the Netherlands, but because there are really interesting and tell very interesting stories worth listening to. That is all.